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Security, Sensors, and Internet of Things: Welcome

Global Frontier Communications offers full spectrum physical security services and consulting focused on identifying threats, identifying vulnerabilities, and developing practical solutions to mitigate risks to client organizations’ assets. Assets can include people, property, systems, and information. Additionally, Global Frontier Communications offers organizations training to improve staff decision-making processes, crisis incident management, mission analysis, standard operating procedures development, cultural awareness, and vulnerability analysis. Global Frontier Communications also provides security and intelligence professionals placement to organizations in need of temporary and permanent personnel in support of their mission. Global Frontier Communications will access its worldwide network of industry professionals to provide human resources to organizations that need qualified experienced personnel. With more than half a century of industry experience in security, intelligence, tactical, strategic operations, and planning, Global Frontier Communications is well-positioned to leverage its global network of resources to provide security solutions to private and government clients.  

Our mission is to provide tailored, scaled, and cost-effective security solutions for our clients to mitigate risks and improve their organizational environment’s safety.

Our services include: 

  • Intelligence and Security Professionals

  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment 

  • Security Planning

  • Crisis Incident Management

  • Crisis Incident Response Training  

  • Cultural Training

  • Intelligence Planning

  • Mission Analysis

  • Decision Making

  • Vulnerability Analysis Training

  • Security Protocol Development 

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Development

  • Red Teaming 

  • Procurement of Intelligence and Security Support Personnel and Systems

    • Surveillance/Alarm/Security Systems

    • Intrusion Detection Systems

    • Access Control Systems

    • Security Personnel/Detachments

    • Intelligence Analysts

    • Intelligence Systems

Global Frontier Communications aims to mitigate risks to employees and patrons by reviewing an organization’s liabilities on security issues and reducing them. The Global Frontier Communications team is an expert at handling sensitive information, and confidentiality is a priority. We’ll act as a security consultant and advocate to validate security requirements and implement the most effective and economical security measures. Planning is required to develop solutions and a comprehensive yet executable security plan. Global Frontier Communications experienced security consultants know what to look for when identifying security issues and how to mitigate the conditions through cost-effective measures properly. After careful evaluation, it may make sense to use a security consultant to make well-informed security decisions.

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